Riteline Centralisers were used and grouted to ensure 477m of pipe in sandy clay to shale up to 40Mpa remained true to centre.

Project Summary

Client: Western Region Delivery Team (WRDT)
Location:  Austral / Leppington
Pipe Length: 477m
Ground Type: Sandy clay to shale up to 40 Mpa
Year Completed:   2023

Project Details

A culmination of sewer infrastructure has been proposed to service residential growth within Austral and Leppington. The project will involve the construction of a new pumping station and temporary pressure main, and the construction of three carriers: Kemps Creek Carrier, the Austral Carrier and the Bonds Creek Carrier.

Edge Underground worked on the Austral Lead which comprised of installation via microtunnlling of 477m of DN 300 GRP in a DN 500 Mild Steel Casing. Bore lengths varied from 87m to 140m in length and encountered ground from sandy clay to shale up to 40Mpa.

Riteline Centralisers were used to ensure 75mm spacing all around the product pipe and grouted thereafter.