The trusted WSAA Appraised option for ensuring your product pipe finishes on the right line.

WSAA Appraisal Details:

PA Number: PA 2314
Product Category: Casing Spacers
Standard: WSA PS 324 Casing Spacers

With three different sized bands, and with both flex and rigid options, adjustable Riteline Centralisers have 34 possible settings, and the ability to be modified to heights ranging from 30mm to 125mm.

Over 100,000 units have been produced and used in the field so far.
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Riteline are 100% Australian designed, owned, and manufactured casing spacers, purpose-built for the trenchless industry.

Flex Series

The Flex Series can flex and deform around obstacles during installation to prevent jamming. It is ideal for use in bores that have rough surfaces or with slight misalignments. The Flex Series doesn’t support as much load as the Rigid Series, so more Flex Series Riteline Centralisers are needed for installations with high loads.

Rigid Series

The Rigid Series has supports that give it much higher load-bearing capability than the Flex Series, allowing spacers to be positioned further apart which decreases the total amount of spacers needed per installation. The Rigid Series will only deflect a small amount when loaded, so in rough uneven bores, the Flex Series will be better suited.

Reduce Wastage

Use only what's needed for the pipe load, and if height variances are needed, adjust the centraliser rather than stocking multiple sizes.

Save Money

Because each centraliser can be placed exactly where it's needed for the load, rather than surrounding the entire pipe, significant cost savings can be made while maintaining precise accuracy.

Fast Installation

Riteline Centralisers are quick and simple to put together, adjust and adhere to the pipe, making the entire process fast, safe and easy.

Easy Grouting

Unique spacing capabilities of Riteline Centralisers allows for grout to flow more easily through the annulus space.

Recent Projects

Western Region Delivery Team (WRDT)

Riteline Centralisers were used and grouted to ensure 477m of pipe in sandy clay to shale up to 40Mpa remained true ...

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