Riteline Centralisers: Enhancing Precision in Trenchless Installations

Introducing Riteline Centralisers, an innovative solution designed to revolutionise the accuracy of trenchless installations. Our centralisers are meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled support to the carrier pipe, ensuring its fixed position relative to the bored hole or encasement pipe.

Unmatched Customisation and Durability

Experience the ultimate in customisable centralisers and casing spacers, manufactured in Australia from durable engineering polymers. Contractors rave about their adaptability, with Riteline proving its strength and durability time and time again

Flexibility and Height Customisation

Riteline Centralisers offer the flexibility you need, with both flex and rigid options available. What sets them apart from other centralisers on the market is their adjustability feature. With the ability to be modified to different heights, ranging from 30mm up to 125mm, there’s no need to stock multiple products. Contractors can effortlessly configure the centralisers to meet their precise requirements.

Unparalleled Control and Streamlined Installations

Riteline Centralisers are spring-loaded, allowing for effortless tension adjustment, and providing greater flexibility and control during the installation process. Even obstacles like rocks aren’t a problem. Our centralisers are designed to flex and allow for elastic deformation when they hit obstacles. This unique characteristic eases the installation process by preventing floating during grouting, preventing jamming and ensuring a seamless installation.

Efficiency at its Core

Manufactured from inert and durable engineering polymers with a low coefficient of friction, Riteline casing spacers make pipe installation easier and more efficient. They provide a slip lining between the pipe and the bored hole, simplifying the installation process and ensuring optimal performance.


Simplified Customisation and Secure Installation

Thanks to their adjustable ratchet design, Riteline casing spacers can be instantly customised to fit the requirements of any installation. Say goodbye to stocking multiple units in different sizes. Our integrated, very high-bond adhesive strips simplify installation, prevent slippage and eliminate the need for pre-wrapping or treating the pipe. Plus, there’s no need for additional tools; we can provide a jig to make the ratcheting process even more efficient.


Grout-Friendly and Versatile

With a low-profile design, our casing spacers allow grout to flow easily around them, preventing grouting failure and ensuring a secure installation. Riteline Centralisers fit pipes from 100mm in diameter with no upper limit. The number of spacers required is solely based on the load, ensuring a tailored and efficient solution.


For more information about Riteline or to place an order, contact the team on 07 3522 5353.

Riteline is part of the OptionX Group, a collection of companies dedicated to serving the drilling, tunnelling and boring industry.