Riteline receives WSAA Appraisal: A new casing spacer becomes widely available

In the dynamic realm of drilling, precision, adaptability, and efficiency stand as paramount requirements. Enter Riteline Centralisers, a groundbreaking innovation celebrated for its recent Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) appraisal and tailor-made features, engineered to redefine trenchless pipeline installations. This successful appraisal broadens the choices of casing spacers available on the Australian market. 

Tailored for the industry

Designed by the OptionX Group, Riteline Centralisers have been engineered to cater specifically to the horizontal drilling sector, where precision and adaptability are paramount. Stuart Harrison, CEO of OptionX Group, emphasised the unique features that set Riteline Centralisers apart from traditional spacers, providing unparalleled support to the carrier pipe in horizontal drilling scenarios.

Riteline Centralisers’ journey was fuelled by industry feedback and real-world field data. The collaborative nature of OptionX Group allowed Riteline to address industry frustrations innovatively, resulting in a product that aligns seamlessly with the unique demands of horizontal drilling projects.

Adaptability for Changing Needs

Unlike traditional casing spacers, Riteline Centralisers offer a remarkable level of adaptability, accommodating pipes ranging from 100mm in diameter, with no upper limit. The ability to make incremental adjustments on-site eliminates the need to purchase specific sizes, reducing time, cost, and stock wastage.

Efficiency and Environmental Impact

In horizontal drilling, the limitations of traditional centralisers are magnified. Riteline’s innovative approach allows centralisers to be attached to the pipe as needed, based solely on the load requirements. This tailored solution minimises excess product use, subsequently reducing costs and environmental impact. Harrison emphasised the risk reduction, highlighting that each centraliser is individually attached to the pipe, minimising the risk of catastrophic failure.

Flex Series for Precision and Adaptability

Riteline Centralisers offer a flex series, designed to flex around bore imperfections with its unique spring-like design. This not only allows for tension adjustment but also enables elastic deformation around obstacles, preventing jamming and ensuring a smooth workflow in horizontal drilling applications.

Low-Profile Design for Grouting Excellence

The low-profile design of Riteline Centralisers is particularly beneficial in horizontal drilling, allowing grout to flow easily around them. This feature prevents grouting failure, ensuring secure and accurate installations. The tensioning on the centreline minimises potential issues with grouting, enhancing the overall efficiency of the pipe installation process.

Industry Recognition and Australian Excellence

Riteline Centralisers were acknowledged as finalists in the New Technology category at the 2023 ASTT awards, attesting to their innovation and game-changing capabilities. Proudly Australian-owned and manufactured, Riteline Centralisers have been developed over almost a decade, reflecting a commitment to excellence in the industry.

For those engaged in drilling projects seeking precision, adaptability, and efficiency, Riteline Centralisers stand as a beacon of innovation. Learn more about this Australian-manufactured product and its revolutionary impact on drilling and pipeline installation at www.riteline.com.au.