Riteline a hit at Drillfest

Riteline was a surprise hit at the recent Drillfest Expo in Toowoomba when it was on display on the OptionX Group stand.

While initially created for the horizontal trenchless drilling industry, the unique features have proven to be of interest in the vertical drilling space as well.

The distinct features of Ritline, including precise adjustability and simple application, will serve vertical drilling for the same reasons they are loved in the horizontal space.

On Show at No-Dig Down Under

Riteline Centralisers were a popular feature of the OptionX Group stand at the recent No-Dig Down Under expo in Brisbane.

Riteline’s parent company, OptionX Group, displayed its new AdaptX machine, and other Group businesses were also represented, including Edge Underground, PerforatorX, Bournedrill and MTS.

The enthusiastic crowd were keen to learn about OptionX Group innovations, and orders for Riteline were placed during the expo.

Riteline Centralisers have been used by Edge Underground for many years, and these microtunnelling teams had input in the R&D of the product.

Riteline Finalist in ASTT New Technology Award 2023

Riteline Centralisers were recently a finalist in the ASTT New Technology Award for 2023. The awards recognise innovation in the trenchless industry.

Riteline’s parent company, OptionX Group, cemented its place as an innovator with another product, the AdaptX, also a finalist in the same category and taking out top prize.

After many years of development and feedback from Edge Underground, Riteline Centralisers are available for broader purchase and use.